ashlee simpson

Links to each item:
boots, bag, dress, tank


Lilit said...

This blog is a wonderful place!

At least I've find a place where I'll find all the pieces that the celebrities wear!

Thank you very much for create this blog.

I'll come back every day!


(If you want, visit my blog.)

prlinkbiz said...

I looove that hand bag! I could live off underwear, boots and hand bags alone... probably wouldn't have many friends! lol

Kimmy said...

I love this outfit - it got on a lot of worst dressed lists though - I think it was more becuase she is looking so thin.

charisse said...

good job on this ensemble!

Maria Palma (TheRunwayScoop.com) said...

The outfit is cute and totally me - I guess I'd be on the worst dressed list if I was a celebrity ;) But who says that wearing a slouchy dress is all that bad?

I'm running over to Target and getting those boots!