paris hilton

Links to each item:
shoes, skirt, belt, top, bag


Keli said...

I actually bought that skirt this weekend, and I love it. The crazy thing is that I put together a similar outfit (without seeing this photo) except it is a black and white polka-dotted shirt, with a black belt. And I am wearing a black scarf around my head today.

By the way, I love this blog.

Eileen Clare said...

I have that skirt too!

Anonymous said...

I just saw this pic posted on another blog. . I love her belt!! Usually Im not the biggest fan of pastel light baby blue belts, but I love the one paris is wearing :)

Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING this outfit. And please keep it up with this blog. So inspirational.
Many thx

Margarite Elaine said...

Love this look! Great job coordinating the outfit!