mena suvari

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boots, jeans, jacket, bag, earrings


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if these skinny jeans can be rolled to the knee like that...looks tough.

Anonymous said...

how is that cheap?

Anonymous said...

How can I request something?

Anonymous said...

Can I request these two:

Anonymous said...

Here are some similar boots that are great!!



Dani said...

Request something of jennifer Aniston...I think we owe it to her especially because she just one best dressed by people magazine.


MissJill said...

The skinny jeans (and the flats)trend is going to create lots of regrets for lots of women. You have to have very particular features and a certain type of figure (not to mention the abilty to admit your own body type and not insist on buying the size that you wish you could wear nicely) to wear these. Namely, a round bottom, slim ankles (for the flats trend, too), firm calves with some curve (flats, too) and legs that are long when viewed in comparison to ones torso. You also have to be willing to buy jeans one or two sizes larger than what you normally wear (same for anything with a remotely low rise). If you've got all of that, go for it. If you don't, don't. Always pick what looks best on you, regardless of trends. These two in particular are full of booby traps!