eva longoria

links to each item:
shoes, clutch, dress, earrings


Anonymous said...

very cute - and the dress you picked is waaaaaaay better.

Me likey

Thanking you :)

Anonymous said...

Bebe has some yellow, black and white dresses as well.

Anonymous said...

Can you do one on Angelina Jolie?

Anonymous said...

Angelina would be great - can you also feature online boutiques and web sites? I love all of the spring/summer dresses at Artfulwears - just purchased 2 and they arrived today, and would like to see a few in your line-up (and I can say, there's my dress!


Anonymous said...

This really is a cute and sexy outfit thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

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Alzerina said...

Love her dress although she could have worn a neck piece