eva mendes

links to each item:
shoes, cuff, bag, dress, coat, sunglasses


Wearing Mascara said...

OMG I LOVE HER! I love the bag and the dress! So chick! I would totally wear that :-)

xswtnmeltx said...

Love the new font. Who knew it would make so much of a difference, but it does!

Cindy said...


mollylynne said...

She looks very classy, but I don't like the black shoes at all. I think nude would have looked a lot better. especially since she has a white coat and gray bag.

Diane said...

so sexy and sophisticated! you did a great job matching up this outfit to the one she is wearing!

Tabitha Blue said...

I love her... and I love the outfit you put together... I NEED that coat!! Thanks :)


Savannah said...

I love Eva's dress here especially with the button detailing. The only thing I am wondering is why in Fall she is wearing the color combo she is, just thought that was interesting

Anonymous said...

this outfit is so elegant. And I disagree with nude shoes. Would have been too blah.

frugal, you always do a fab job! kudos!

JennySue said...

Woah- I'm going to be obsessed with finding that white coat from Old Navy. What a find! Thanks for focusing on such a beautiful person too!

Suman said...

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freny said...

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Luxury Sky said...

The red dress and the handbag are so beautiful.I want all of them.